Going Green with Indoor Comfort Service

Residential Solar Energy System

Each year, heating and cooling systems in the United States emit around 150 million tons of carbon dioxide into the Earth’s atmosphere. Heating and cooling also accounts for up to 50 percent of energy consumption in the average American home. Indoor Comfort Services is committed to providing HVAC services that not only lower your Sacramento home’s monthly energy bills but that are friendly to the environment as well.

At Indoor Comfort Services, we offer a wide range of products and services that can significantly reduce your Sacramento home’s carbon footprint. We have the experience and expertise to handle simple installations like programmable thermostats as well as installations that are more complex like solar panel arrays. From hot water heaters powered by the sun to regular air conditioning service in Sacramento that adds up to substantial AC energy savings, our company excels at delivering services that help the environment by conserving precious natural resources.

Indoor Comfort Services is pleased to offer green technology solutions like geothermal, solar thermal, and photovoltaic energy systems as well. It’s never been more affordable to harness the power of the sun or the earth to provide electricity for your home. Rebate and incentive programs offered at the national, state and local level can reduce the upfront installation costs by as much as 50 percent or more. Once you’ve recovered the remaining cost through monthly savings on your electrical bill, you’ll enjoy clean, green energy for many years to come.

Indoor Comfort Services is proud to offer a free energy survey of your Sacramento home that can collectively cut up to 30 percent off your monthly energy bills. Call us today at 916-993-3510 and discover how implementing green technology in your home can not only help the planet but can save you money too.