Prepare for Seasonal Changes with a System Tune-Up

Heating Inspection

With shorter days and colder nights on the way, now is the time to make sure that your heating system will see you through the winter months without causing your energy bills to skyrocket. Although keeping your family warm through the winter is naturally your first concern, saving money is important too. A quick call to the comfort specialists at Indoor Comfort Services is the first step towards meeting both of those goals. We can conduct an affordable heating system tune-up that will ensure that you and your family stay cozy in your Sacramento home no matter what the temperature is outside.

Seasonal preventative maintenance for your heating system includes inspections of all parts and equipment, including ductwork for forced-air systems. That first blast of heat from your heating system can blow dust and other allergens into your home’s living areas. Indoor Comfort Services technicians can address air duct problems, helping your family breathe easier.

The experts at Indoor Comfort Services are trained to spot potential problems before they lead to costly repairs. Our skilled technicians provide a heating system tune-up that keeps everything operating at high energy efficiency, saving you money on monthly fuel and energy costs. Because well-maintained systems work better and last longer, you’ll save money down the road as well.

For furnaces fueled by oil or gas, seasonal inspections are critical. Fuel-burning furnaces produces harmful byproducts like carbon monoxide that must be properly vented outside your home. Without regular care, byproducts can cause parts to corrode, leading to dangerous leaks that pose fire hazards and health dangers to your family. Only regular maintenance can make sure that your heating system continues to operate safely and effectively.

When it comes to seasonal maintenance, our reputation for providing quality service for Sacramento heating and air conditioning systems ensures stellar results. At Indoor Comfort Services, we make sure that your heating system is not only prepared for cold weather but that it’s running at peak efficiency all winter long. To prepare your home for seasonal changes, call us today at 916-993-3510 to schedule a system tune-up.