Sewer Camera Inspections with Indoor Comfort Services

Inspections are a great way to find and diagnose plumbing problems before they become more serious. But these inspections can sometimes be very intrusive, depending on the location and severity of the problem. Sometimes they can’t detect the real problem because of a lack of quality equipment or evidence. Indoor Comfort Services has the solution to these inspection problems: camera technology.

At Indoor Comfort Services, we understand that our team isn’t perfect—sometimes during regular inspections, things can get overlooked because of lack of a good line of sight. Camera inspections help to solve these issues by giving our plumbers the ability to see inside and around plumbing fixtures. This is especially important in difficult to reach or tight spaces, like in sewer inspections. The camera helps us better locate clogs, breaks, and other problems so that we can minimize the digging required during the subsequent plumbing repair.

Sewers can easily become clogged and backed up because they handle all of the materials we flush down our toilets and sinks. Daily wear and tear on sewer lines includes items like grease, oil, hair, and other things that get flushed every day. When these materials build up in a sewer system, they can cause clogs and backups that are hard to reach. Conventional methods of clearing out these plumbing issues include digging down to the sewer line, which can cause serious disturbances to your yard or grounds. Our team’s camera technology allows us to pinpoint problems and therefore dig only where absolutely necessary to fix the problem.

Indoor Comfort Services is a Sacramento plumbing, heating, and air conditioning company. Our business is all about making your home or business more comfortable, and our job isn’t complete until we have your absolute satisfaction. If you’ve noticed problems with your sewer system, give our offices a call today to talk about your options: 916-993-3510.