Solar Powered Systems Apply for Federal Tax Credits

Solar Powered

Scientists first discovered that certain substances emit an electrical current when exposed to the sun’s energy in the early 19th century. It took another hundred years to understand that this photovoltaic effect could be used to power home systems. Today, solar energy is not only being used locally to provide electricity for homes but for Sacramento heating systems and domestic hot water as well. As a leading HVAC provider, Indoor Comfort Services is pleased to share information about products and incentive programs that make going solar affordable.

Solar Powered Water Heaters

Instead of converting the sun’s energy into electricity, solar hot water panels use the sun’s thermal energy to heat water. They are affordable products that last much longer than conventional water heaters while saving you a significant amount of money on your monthly energy bills. The federal incentive program, which is taken as a tax credit on your federal tax return, cuts installation costs by as much as 30%.

Although there are a wide variety of designs available, all solar powered water heater models use the same basic green technology. A collector is installed on a roof to absorb the sun’s thermal energy. The heated water is stored in a water tank. There are passive systems that use gravity to deliver the water and active systems that use pumps. Some models are stand-alone units while others are hybrid versions, incorporating a conventional hot water tank into the unit.

Solar Powered Heating Systems

The same kind of technology used for solar water heaters is being used for home heating as well. In some models, the heated liquid generated by the solar collector is used directly for radiant flooring, radiators, or boilers. In others, heat exchangers absorb heat from the liquid to heat air. The heated air is then delivered directly into living spaces or is used to preheat air used in furnace forced-air heating systems.

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At a time when many homeowners in Sacramento are concerned about climate change, using a green technology like solar power is becoming increasingly appealing. At Indoor Comfort Services, we make it our business to stay current with renewable HVAC products that save you money while helping to protect the environment. For more information about alternative energy options for you home, call us today at 916-993-3510.